Friday, October 31, 2003

Happy Halloween - Halloween is a poignant holiday for us. Living at Fort Washakie, Wyoming we lived in the only area around where houses clustered together. So kids from all the rural locations would come to 'Trick or Treat.' We would stock up on hundreds of candy bars to get ready. After our own kids were born, their dad was in charge of taking them Trick or Treating - now we lived in the country so they would all bundle up (it is Wyoming and usually snows or sleets on Halloween - like 3 feet today!) and go to town - mostly hitting up streets where our friends lived. Our youngest was very creative about pumpkin carving - liked to get the biggest ugliest pumpkins from the store and turn them into all sorts of scary creations. Our middle child was the charmer - one smile from under that blond hair would net double treats. The older one loved Halloween the most and dressed in costume most of the year when she was little. Her first written words were "Qeihn (name)" I must have made at least 200 crowns of tinfoil for her in the first 5 years. Now they are out in the world doing their own thing - but every Halloween - their dad thinks about taking them Trick or Treating.