Wednesday, April 07, 2004

As I have mentioned before, most days I try to post some remarks on the Daily Office - consecutive readings of the Bible from the Hebrew Scriptures and the Christian Testament. Last week I was reading the passage from Mark 10 and it occurred to me that it was the disciples fear that made them ask for status with Jesus in his future realm. Seeking status is a response that comes when we are fearful of our position with others. Those who work with group dynamics say that all persons have concerns about Inclusion, Affection and Control. Will I be accepted, will I be liked, Will my opinions be valued? The satisfaction of these needs by position and status can become almost like a drug. As I thought about this I wrote:

Fear seeks status
Faith seeks service

Whenever I start obsessing about what others' think or where I belong, it is a sign that I have moved into that place of fear. When I remember that I am created in the image of God and I am created to be in the place and this time - the fear recedes, I can breathe and act without fear.