Thursday, October 28, 2004

Listening to the radio this morning I hear many stories about the efforts to keep people from voting. Last week I was at our Fremont County Courthouse in Lander, Wyoming and overheard one of the clerks talking to a voter. It was someone who lived in a distant town - 75 miles away - who was suddenly faced with going to Casper (150 miles the other direction from Lander) for medical treatments. The clerk volunteered to stay after work to meet her at time when she would be driving through Lander so this woman could vote. I asked about her response and the clerk said it is important to make the effort so every one can vote. I have also experienced the clerk going out to a handicapped person's car so that he did not have to make the long trek down to the basement of the courthouse. I wish all the country could experience the commitment to fairness and opportunity that this one woman makes to our democratic system. Maybe it is just that Wyoming is small in population and we are all neighbors in a county larger than Massachusetts, but I hope this is the true heart of our country.
PS - Miracles abound - the Red Sox won. YAY!