Wednesday, April 06, 2005

Easter 3 Click Here for Readings
Early thoughts for Sunday's sermon.
In our EFM online group on Monday evening we did Theological Reflection on a painting of Jesus at Emmaus. The angles and planes of the painting both separate and join the figures and objects. In the painting the wine in the chalice is split and the bread is still unbroken. It seems to be the moment before recognition of Jesus in their midst. It reminds me of all those moments just before the world can never been seen in the same way again. For the people of Israel the Red Sea split before their eyes and they can continue their journey to liberation from slavery. For the husband and wife at Emmaus all their preconceived ideas of life and death are about to be shattered. They could not see that it was the Risen Christ accompanying them on the road home because they could not see beyond their ideas about what happens when someone dies. All of us have opinions and positions about "how things just are" - and yet the Spirit comes and breaks through those ideas in the lives of our ancestors in faith. Journeying with Christ we will have these life changing, mind altering experiences. A wild ride with a wild God.