Saturday, April 12, 2008

Seven scintillating things about me?

Lindy tagged me for this meme. Hmmm... thanks I think...

1. I do news on Tuesdays for Episcopal Cafe
2. and write a monthly essay for ECafe, too.
3. I co-mentor 2 EFM online groups - a new way to take EFM without a nearby group.
4. My husband and I have 5 grandchildren - whoa!
5. I drive 2 hours to do church and then 2 hours back home stopping in Eden to do another service.
6. My psychic home is the Oregon coast - some of my being lives there no matter where I am.
7. Our daughter and I are going to the UK this summer to visit my maternal grandmother's hometown.

Not sure how scintillating these are - but at least there are 7 things.