Saturday, October 25, 2003

Whoa - long time no blogging. Fish just fried the Yankees and took the World Series in 6 games. What a fun team to watch - kissing each other, great energy. I used to be a Cubs fan but their behavior in the playoffs turned me off - I mean really how can you blame a fan for your own mistakes - 8 runs were not scored because a ball fell into the stands. Alou would not have caught that ball anyway. Luck had nothing to do with it - just bad baseball. And then to blame a loyal lifetime lover of the Cubs instead of standing up for him and admitting "we lost" That's what is fun about both the Yankees and the Marlins - just keep coming at you - never give up - not about luck - just excellent baseball and right attitude. Go Fish. A long time until Spring Training. Guess I will get some other work done now that I have no more baseball games to watch.