Saturday, February 18, 2006

Winter Olympics - sports, etc.
We are at Cannon Beach again having a break from winter and seeing little bits of Spring - flowering quince, crocus, and daffodils (my favorite). While I love the climate in Lander I do miss Spring as it evolves in Portland and the Oregon Coast. Even though it was below freezing here last night (and minus 30 in Lander!!!), the crocus have been blooming for several weeks, and all the rest will follow until rhododendrons and azaleas peak until summer and its flora. Meanwhile back in Wyoming we don't really get Spring but move from winter to summer, parkas to shorts (sometimes both on the same day) but we usually have long lingering Autumn (mixed with snow).
The wind has been wild here at the coast - our neighbor's tree fell over last week - just tipped up roots and all. The tide came in on a storm bringing logs up into the roads along the river. But today is sunny after the winter rains and we will get some sand in our shoes this afternoon.
What I started this blog today for was my response to watching the Olympic Games. The commentators this year have been particularly snarky - mean comments about costumes of the skater, trashing competitors who have a little fun. When the snow cross boarder crashed pulling a stunt it was like the world had come to an end. As some writer in the NYTimes said - good grief - it is the Olympic "games." The commentators did not like the pearls and tiaras on some of the women skiers either. YIKES! What is the problem with enjoying the event? The worst comments have come from the skating comments - mean, bitter comments about costume choices. I don't know - seems like a flamboyant sport needs flamboyant costumes.
Oh well - enough of the rant -- I intend to enjoy the apparent zest for life apparent in the athletes who are mostly young and exuberant, even if I have to turn off the sound on my television.