Friday, February 01, 2008

Super Bowl thoughts

RevGalBlogPals plays Friday Five each week. This week's question is about Imbolc/Brigid or the Super Bowl. I love the feast days that intersect with older traditions - like Brigid - who crosses all boundaries of religions showing us that the Source of all speaks across time and culture in many languages.
I am not as sure that the Super Bowl is one of these but it is the great US annunal ritual that draws us together - even if we cheer for different teams. The game from RGBPs is to post 5 things about the topic.

1. It is the great US annual public ritual -even if one does not watch football you hear about it.
2. It has the buying of the ritual food - sugar, salt and grease being the main ingredients, ritual drinks - beer and Dr. Pepper (or soda of choice).
3. The gathering of the people around the glowing screen, expression of strong feelings, and a final dismissal as the credits roll, with a re-visitng of every play during the week. (oh that our weekly worship was discussed even a bit like that)
4. You gather with friends - in private or public spaces although the NFL is enforcing its rule that you can't have a big screen party at church - see here.
5. You can have fun vestments! See above.

Monday, January 28, 2008


Tiny star
of morning.
Born in the
smallest of stables
spreading from manger
to shepherd
to magi
to beloved
to teacher.
Expanding out
into the universe.
Calling everyone and everything
home to the heart of Love.
Transfiguration reveals
what was always there:
A supernova exploding
into our hearts and minds.
Now we feel the black hole
tugging pulling dragging us
into that heart
in our journey through Lent
to the fullness of Easter.

The story of the Transfiguration makes me wonder if we got it all wrong when we ended up building church buildings instead of building up the "church" -- Jesus sends them all down in the valley to work - refusing Peter's offer to build buildings.