Monday, January 28, 2008


Tiny star
of morning.
Born in the
smallest of stables
spreading from manger
to shepherd
to magi
to beloved
to teacher.
Expanding out
into the universe.
Calling everyone and everything
home to the heart of Love.
Transfiguration reveals
what was always there:
A supernova exploding
into our hearts and minds.
Now we feel the black hole
tugging pulling dragging us
into that heart
in our journey through Lent
to the fullness of Easter.

The story of the Transfiguration makes me wonder if we got it all wrong when we ended up building church buildings instead of building up the "church" -- Jesus sends them all down in the valley to work - refusing Peter's offer to build buildings.


She Rev said...

Your writing is beautiful. I covet your poetic flow. Thanks for the affirmation. I had a few more thoughts last night (posted today) that sort of brought me out of the darkness and into the Transfiguration light.

She Rev said...

Except I put the wrong link it. Poo. (That was poetic, wasn't it?)I was so proud I learned how to do it. I'll try again.

Sarah said...

I'm curious what the image is that's connected to this beautiful Transfiguration poem.