Sunday, July 02, 2006

Episcopalians Excited by Unity in Church

No doubt you have seen the headlines in the NYTimes and other places "Episcopalians Shaken by Division in Church"? But what I witnessed at General Convention this time was overwhelming unity on most all issues. The biggest unifying excitement came with our commitment to the Millennium Development Goals as our main priorities.
Each day of Convention a different goal was showcased. One day the Chaplain had us snap our fingers every 3 seconds for a child dying of preventable cause. One day women gathered to read Goodnight Moon to pictures of children - one by one the women "died" from preventable lack of maternal health - leaving the children without a mother - often an orphan. The determination to focus our resources on these things as well as HIV/AIDS, clean water, education of women and girls, and extreme poverty, unified our time together. It is sad that a few people want to leave the church just when it is becoming alive again to its real call of service in a hurting world. That will not deter us but they will be missing out on an opportunity to join a movement of the Spirit. This is led in many cases by our younger members, teens, twenties, thirties - who see that our earth is one community where those who have must help those who don't.
Too bad the headlines don't report the things that will make a difference.