Wednesday, November 03, 2004

After Election Blues
All over but the scattered challenges - the election has been won by those claiming that they are the most moral and with the electorate agreeing it was one of the strongest motivation for voting. I guess I always thought that being moral had to do with caring for the “least of these” Matthew 25:34-40 not voting narrow self interest. I just don’t get how false piety and lies are moral. When so many are suffering in this country and around the world, we vote on the basis of a definition of moral that leaves children, the planet, those who are poor and hungry, and the marginalized out of the equation. I will play the blues for awhile and then it will be time to go back to the lessons taught by those who have struggled over generations to gain their liberty - support each otherr, organize, study, work, and most important - sing the songs of struggle and hope. I still believe that the arc of justice bends towards the earth and that we can help with every act of our lives.