Wednesday, February 25, 2004

Everybody else is talking about Mel's slasher movie for Christians or Nightmare on Golgotha Street (as one son calls it) - so guess I should weigh in. What is interesting to me is the fervor that it has evoked from some Christians. When I say I am not going - there is this reaction of "are you afraid to see the truth?" or that somehow I am not a real Christian if I don't want to see an hour of fake extreme violence. I know about crucifixion and have seen enough real violence on TV on people around the world that I do not need to pay Mel Gibson to see this. The crucifixion is one part of the whole Jesus story - birth, life, death and resurrection - an amazing witness of God fully entering into the life of humanity revealing that there is no place where the Holy is not present. God suffers as humankind suffers. This is the major act that makes me follow Christ. I am not a believer in the theory that Jesus had to die because humans are so sinful - only the perfect sacrifice can balance the scales with God. For me, Incarnation - God entering human life and showing us how to reclaim our original blessing of being created in the image of God through agape (ever flowing love) - loving God and our neighbor as ourselves - is the central message. The current controversy puzzles me as there seems to be no room for critical examination of the movie and its portrayal - there is this sense of either you are for it or you are a tool of Satan. YMMV