Thursday, December 02, 2010

II Advent

From MamaBishop, the Rt Rev. Carol Gallagher reflecting on Luke 20:34-40:

Some days on waking light
filtering through windows dusty
eyes sleep swollen and stumbling
are these feet alive
or dead waking to new life?

Some nights tossing worrying
mistakes tiptoe around me
night visitors in shadow and whisper
I wonder what heaven might be like.

Some afternoons as the sun
burns into my working shoulders
digging in the garden's soil
life hidden away and vibrant
still I hope
to see you again.

I know the promise and ache
for more than a picture to hold
an old scarf you knitted
a brief laugh or song you might
sing me at night when fears
surrounded and you
held me tight.

You are raised to life and I
waiting to know you fully again
can only ache from the distance
knowing we will laugh and dance
again together when I
am raised like you.

Sunday, November 28, 2010

Once in Royal David's City

Tree is up - time to decorate -- come Christmas ---

Advent 1

If your heart yearns for a more it doesn’t know,
if you’ve suffered blow after blow
and can barely dare to lift your head,
if you’ve ever wished you’d rather been -
if you’ve bled, or tried to bind a wound
if you’ve cried then tied a knot to choke
the flow of hope before it can open up
a way to disappoint again
and leave you broken
then this is for you.
If you’ve longed, if you’ve wronged,
if you choke on the words to your favourite song,
if you need a Doctor,
or you’re beyond
medical help
then come.
If you’re cracked, if you’re splintered,
if your Winter is just too long,
if this Winter is just too long,
(but the thought of Spring is terrifying,)
then come.
Because Jesus came
for the broken brother and sister,
the ache, the pain and the blister,
the wrong decision,
the open wound
the blurred vision
the won’t-ever-hope-again.
Jesus came
for the insane, the unfulfilled, the searching
the street child, the tramp and the urchin,
the poor little rich girl snorting coke and
cursing, and the man who sold it to her.
Jesus came for those nursing a need,
nursing a drink
out of control,
on the blink,
on the brink,
falling overboard, and about to -
sobbing at the kitchen sink.
Jesus came for those the world drives mad,
for the bad, yes the bad,
Jesus came for the bad,
so if that’s never been you,
then fine, just go, because
Jesus didn’t come for the well, the swell,
“the hell – I’ve got everything I need”
the nothing’s-lacking, the non-cracking up.
He’s not interested in courting the sorted
he came to fill the cup of the thirsty,
the worst, the broken, the burst open,
Jesus came for the sick.
the packed-up, the cracked-up,
the smashed, hopes dashed, and the picked-on,
the meek, the weak, the stuttering,
those who blush when they speak
and the walked-out-on.
Jesus came for the left behind,
for the cheats and the cheated,
the ones who crossed the line
and the ones who still don’t know where to begin.
Jesus came for the people who know how it feels
when you say “sin”
for the broken to open,
to break for those who choke,
for the people who don’t have everything we need,
for the ones who know we need hope.

© Jude Simpson 2007

h/t to Lesley's Blog