Tuesday, November 08, 2005

ALL THAT JAZZ - this Sunday in Rock Springs we will worship with a Jazz group - Ronnie Kole.
Click here for the readings for Sunday.
This week we have the famous story of the landowner who entrusts his property to his slaves. Thanks to William Loader's thoughts at Textweek instead of seeing this as one more stewardship, how to get money out of people so we can pay the bills sermon - I am challenged to see the giving away of property as the giving away of Godself. The gospels tell us that in Jesus, God came among us and gave away all. The talents were an amount of money -we have taken the word into English to mean our gifts, our abilities. Looking at these talents as pieces of the Holy given out freely - the question becomes more than just about our money or even our personal abilities. The parable becomes a challenge to clinging tightly to our little bit of understanding of the immensity of the Holy - try to protect it from others and their understandings. Hiding our bit of God under the mattress. Trying to contain the uncontainable.
I am not a musician nor do I play in a jazz band so I should probably call for a testimony from someone who does but here is my impression. Trying to keep the Holy buried and contained is sort of like not being willing to risk the interplay of music that makes up jazz. A player who holds too tightly to his or her tune cannot reap the benefits of what happens when one lets go and lets the music take over the life of the group. Of course there is study and practice with one's particular instrument. There is learning the music so well that it creates a freedom to take off and know we will return. But when it all works - the wild applause tells us - Well done - good and faithful servant.