Saturday, February 12, 2005

I have not done much with the readings for 1 Lent as we are away from Wyoming and its old cold crusty snow and at Cannon Beach, Oregon with its soft warm springlike rain. It was below zero as we crossed South Pass in the Rocky Mountains. I always think of my great grandmother who crossed that pass in a covered wagon. She was a young girl at the time. Most all of my ancestors were recent immigrants. My mother's mother came from Scotland in her early teens. My mother's father's people were the covered wagon folks. My father was born in Norway. So thinking about them makes me wonder about the forces that made them pull up their roots, leave family (which they did not think they would see again) and country to plant themselves in Oregon. I don't know if they found it quite the wilderness that Jesus found following his baptism or who the angels were who ministered to them. I am sure there were many temptations and some followed those with all good intentions. I think that is the thing about the "devil" - what is offered is so attractive and normal. Why not try to feed everyone by using a little magic? Why not become the ruler of the world to make it a better place? Why not do something spectacular to get some attention? I don't really have any answers but it is my meditation for this first part of Lent. Click here for more on 1 Lent.

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