Tuesday, September 19, 2006

Following a trip to Sewanee, TN and some work with the Trainers for EfM, I flew into Washington DC to spend some time with our granddaughter and her parents. Lots of fun hanging out with a 1+ year old and playing "Hi Dair" under the dining room chair.
A surprise highlight of my trip was visiting the Washington National Cathedral. I went there to see some friends who work there and as we were chatting one friend said - "How about presiding at the Eucharist this noon?" So we went off to the sacristy where the Vergers got us set up and told me all I needed to know. Then we took our places in the choir and doing Eucharist at the High Altar - what a rush! To think of all the history of that place and those who have celebrated in that space in the past and yet to come. YIKES!


Anonymous said...

That's got to be the cutest picture yet of our granddaughter!

What a great occasion to celebrate the Eucharist at the National Cathedral!


Harvey and Luna said...

VERY cool!

Jean said...