Friday, September 29, 2006

Walking along the streets of Lander under a canopy of golden cottonwoods with scatterings of red here and there. It must be something about Fall but my friend and I were talking about suddenly grown up kids whose photo in the local newspaper reminds one that they are no longer skinny little boys but about to launch into adulthood young men. The conversation then went to people in our lives who still hold an image in their minds of us at 1 or 5 or 10 or young nubile 20 somethings or whenever. I was thinking, hunh, what a concept - we live on as 10 year olds somewhere in the world of someone else's imagining. A funny sort of immortality and sort of sweet - unless of course that person still treats us in real life as a 10 year old - then not so funny but aggravating.


Lisa said...

Gosh, Ann, I can't decide which strikes me more powerfully: that you're so adorable in this photo, or so nervy to post it!

And since I've not had the pleasure of meeting you, this is now my only image of you. Hmmm ... do you use a booster seat when celebrating the Eucharist? ;-)

Ann said...
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