Wednesday, October 04, 2006

The drive over South Pass was stunning with the aspens at full gold and the rising sun illuminating the golds and reds. This year seems to have more red in the aspens than many years. Some sort of combination of drought and rain, freeze and heat, I suppose. This day had a classic highway sight for this time of year. The cattle were being trailed down the road to winter pasture from their sojourn in the mountain pastures. Some will end up as burgers and steaks and shoes and some will winter over to return to the high country in the Spring.
Yesterday three of us hiked to the Falls of the Popo Agie, probably the last hike there for this year. Snow will soon cover the trail. We are soaking in the color as we start into the more black and white season of winter. Dark tree trunks will stand out from white snow. Brown grass and grey green sage brush will patch the places in between the drifts. But for now we enjoy each day and its gifts.


Iris said...

Wow, you are making this Wyoming girl transplanted to the Bible Belt very, very homesick! Beautiful pics!

Daniel Berry said...

I'll probably show this one to Lydia. It will probably make her homesick, too, but it will be worth it! She'll love it.