Monday, November 06, 2006

This weekend of events - the meeting of The Episcopal Majority on Friday, the Investiture on Saturday and the Installation on Sunday confirmed the best of the church for me. Rather than the one-note tune played by those who wish for a narrower church - I experienced the symphony that is our church. All the melodies and themes - weaving a rich song where all can join the harmony and diversity.
I loved the opening image of The Episcopal Majority meeting of wanting to maintain the big tent of Anglicanism rather than setting up individual tents for each small idea of what is right with guards checking the door to make sure that those entering are pure enough. I feel sad for those who would endlessly criticize. They seem to wallow in bringing down anyone who seems to be at ease and able to appreciate difference without feeling threatened or fearful. If they had written Canterbury Tales - only one type of person would be allowed on their pilgrimage. It is one thing to disagree and state ones case and work for change, it is something sad to harp continually and nastily about others on the Way.
The Episcopal Majority is a loose knit open organization for all who love The Episcopal Church and want to support it to become the best of Anglican welcome. It hopes to support the church to be a place where we can "argue it out" as the prophet Isaiah says, but yet share the the Body and Blood of Christ at the banquet prepared from all time and get out into the world to do the work we are called to do, strengthened in one another's company and filled with the Spirit.
On Saturday Katharine (click HERE) called us to be at home in this time and place and to help others to find home here too. Her challenge is that none of us is fully home until all of us are able to receive the abundance of the creation in daily life, health and well being.
On Sunday - (click HERE) we were sent out to be alight with the fire of the Spirit --- saint-sparks clearing the way for renewal and growth.
Some will continue to try to quench our spirits but as the (Click HERE) old camp song says:

Weave, weave, weave us together,
Weave us together in unity and love.
Weave, weave, weave us together,
Weave us together, together in love

We are many textures, we are many colors,
Each one different from the other.
But we are entwined in one another in one great tapestry

We are different instruments playing our own melodies,
Each one tuning to a different key,
But we are all playing in harmony in one great symphony.

A moment ago still we did not know
Our unity, only diversity.
Now the Spirit in me greets the Spirit in thee in one great family.

Weave, weave, weave us together,
Weave us together in unity and love.
Weave, weave, weave us together,
Weave us together, together in love

So join the symphony - all are welcome - amateurs and professionals - kazoo players and cellists - we are singing and playing for our lives and yours and the whole world's -- our conductor gave His all for this song - and its name is LOVE.


Jean said...

where to I sign up?

older_4me said...

what does the church say about gays?

Ann said...

re: signing up - if you agree you are a member - if you want to add your name to the membership list go to:

re: what does the church say about gays? For official acts go to:
Mostly (except for a few dioceses and some overseas provinces) we say Welcome!