Friday, January 05, 2007

Matthew 2
The Visitation of the Wise Ones is one of my favorite stories (I know, I say that about most Bible stories!). I like this photo of kids as Magi as it has more than 3 and a girl and several Santa hats. There is no record of the number although the 3 gifts have encouraged people to assume one per visitor. The nature of Greek plurals is that if there is even one male in a group the plural is masculine. As Elisabeth Schussler-Fiorenza says - the hermeneutic of suspicion should assume female presence in such cases unless there is further definition. The visitors seem to be from non-Jewish lands - tradition shows each one from a different racial group (although these groupings did not have the same meaning in the time of Christ as for us - people around the Mediterranean Sea came in all colors- very few blue eyed blonds, however. There is also no indication that they abandoned their religious traditions although they saw holiness dwelling in our midst in the house (no stable in Matthew) of Mary and Joseph.
The point of all this prologue is that the Magi represent, to me, seekers of all countries and ages. All those who would follow their dreams and look for stars to lead them closer to the Holy.
It is the anniversary of my ordination to the priesthood -- hopefully a vocation to point to the stars and encourage the dreams of all.


Jean said...

As a wonderful EFM mentor, you certainly encouraged the dreams of this seeker...

Sue said...

Happy Anniversary, Ann! Today (Epiphany) is our son's 29th birthday. That is hard to believe! My ordination anniversary is in April, but it's definitely a special day for me, so I celebrate with you on yours.

-- Sue Hamly

Julian said...

Your political correctness simply spoils it for everyone, especially the little boys.

Tradition has it that they were "wise men". But you feel you can reinvent everything, it seems.