Sunday, May 06, 2007

SUNDAY continued

A late spring storm closed the roads to Rock Springs and Eden so I am sitting at my computer having emailed a "tuned up" version of my sermon to Holy Communion Church. This is a photo of the window that I look at when I preside at the altar. It is in the back of the church and very tall. Sometimes I think it would be good to turn the pews around so everyone can see it. The side windows are made from chunky glass and offer endless meditation on the meaning of the event depicted. This one is of Jesus healing, look at the bottom of the window for more bits. It is about 1/3 as tall as the window in the back. There are 10 of these.
On the way home from Rock Springs I visit Oregon Trail Memorial Church in Eden. The Eden/Farson valley is traditionally a ranching community but has begun to feel the impact of the drilling for oil and gas in the Jonah Field and elsewhere.
I miss seeing everyone. Hopefully the weather will improve in June. But, as we say, "we need the moisture!!!"

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