Thursday, April 24, 2008

Book tag

Helen tagged me for a "what are you reading" meme. Luckily I am reading an actual book - print on paper - for a change. Usually I do books on CD as I have a 2 hour drive to church on Sundays and 2 hours home. On the way over it is perfect timing for NPR and Leane Hansen - always good for last minute bits for a sermon!

The last book I "read" on the drive was Three Cups of Tea - about Greg Mortenson and his school building projects in Asia. Now I have a a Sharon McCrumb that I bought on sale (probably because it is on tape and most cars don't have tape players anymore).

Back to my holding a book in my hands reading -- it is the latest Nevada Barr - Winter Study - set on Isle Royale or as the park service calls it ISRO. It is her usual mystery interspersed with death defying moments for Anna Pigeon - ranger. Now married to an Episcopal priest who is also a sheriff in Natchez MS - in addition to wrestling with bad guys - she wrestles with whether or not she believes in God. Nevada Barr's book Seeking Enlightment Hat by Hat is her real autobiographical spiritual search that takes her into the Episcopal Church.

Most of my reading is online these days. There is such a wealth of resources. Prepping for sermons or reading for Education for Ministry as I mentor 2 online groups and train mentors for the program takes up other reading time.

And for the rest of the meme - here are sentences 6-8 of p. 123
"Without fear to burn away the dross and transform it from baser metal, bravery was merely stupidity or poor impulse control. 'They should hold,' he said and held up the three chains attached to each other by the steel-jawed traps. It would work, Anna told herself."

Tagging Kristin, Grandmere Mimi, Eileen, and Lindy if they feel like playing -- or you can play and tell me.


Lindy said...

Such august company I am in...
I have company coming over at 4 and more company at 8 so I am tidying up: picking up dog toys and carefully mounding stacks of paper into more presentable mounds of paper. But I I'll get on this soon. I just started a new book last night which seems VERY interesting so far, and I got out an old favorite last week which I'll tell you about too! Whooo Books!

Kristin said...

I am currently taking my second run at "Se deg ikke tilbake!" by Karin Fossum. She writes really good murder mysteries (and several of her books have been translated into english and are showing up on bookstore shelves!). My norwegain is pretty basic so if I stop reading a book for any amount of time I lose the thread of what is going on.

sentences 6-8 of page 123

Denne høytideligheten kaller vi urnenedsettelse. Han holdt dora åpen for Holland, som gikk først inn i den halvmørke bygningen. --Det er ret og slett en påskyndelse av prosessen.

On Tuesday my son and I went to the bookstore and I got a copy of Jeeves and the Feudal Spirit by PG Wodehouse.

"You have thought of something, Jeeves?"
"I knew it. I was saying a moment ago that you always find the way. Well, let us have it."

Grandmère Mimi said...

Ann, I am rereading The Cloister Walk by Kathleen Norris. I read it several years ago and liked it and decided to read it again.

P.123 has only a few lines, so I'll go to p.122.

"Suddenly, the difference between celibate friendship and celibate passion had become all too clear to me; at times the pain was excruciating.

"Tom and I each faced a crisis the year we met - his mother died, I suffered a disastrous betrayal - and it was the intensity of those unexpected, unwelcome experiences that helped me to understand that in the realm of the sacred, what seems incomplete or unattainable may be abundance, after all. Human relationships are by their nature incomplete - after twenty-one years, my husband remains a mystery to me, and I to him, and that is as it should be."

Wow! I haven't got to that part yet. There you are, Ann, I did my second meme for the year, and I was only going to do one.

Lindy said...

I finally did the meme. It's on my blog complete with interesting quotes and everything.