Wednesday, February 04, 2009

A sermon

I have been playing with utterli - a social networking tool that can send audio and video to your friends. I recorded a sermon of one I preached a few years ago. The church had sent me the audio so I tried it on utterli. I also recorded me reading a book to the grandchildren - but won't drive you nuts with that. One of these days I will get the showing the book and reading to the camera thing down!


Lindy said...

This is really, really, great. You know what I think would be interesting is to read the sermon, and later listen to it. I am curious to see if I come away from those experiences with the same message. Hearing it is a totally different experience.

Anyway, I like it. I hope you'll post more.


PS - Rowan listened too, and he actually paid attention. So maybe we could get a sermon about obeying your guardian? Just a thought.

Ann said...

Would be hard for me to do that as I don't write them out-just a few notes to keep me on track