Sunday, April 05, 2009

Palm/Passion Sunday

Today we start with one kind of parade leading into another. From the joyous Hosannas to the silence of the tomb. At our 8 a.m. service I had everyone read the Jesus' parts. Usually the congregations gets the "Crucify him" parts so I thought it would be a change for them to look at from the point of view of Jesus. I preached briefly on noticing who ministered to Jesus along the way. Noted that it is often the unnamed and unknown: the woman who spent her year's wages to anoint Jesus, Simon the Cyrene - a stranger walking through town, Mary Magdalen, Mary, and the other women at the cross, the rich man who goes in fear and trembling to claim Jesus' body. The people who are expected to help: the government, the church, his closest disciples - all actively seek to take his life or turn their backs on him in the end.

Afterward one of the men said - wow - that happened to me - I had a wreck on Main Street last week - my friends drove on by -- strangers helped me -- I think I need to start acting when I see help is needed (I know that he already does this but I think it reinforced the gospel for him).

We have to get that service done in less than an hour or the next group gets antsy. We did it but with the long Gospel - we stripped out everything else except the Blessing of the Palms (I told them to hold up their hands to get the palms of their hands as well as their palm fronds), the Prayers and the Eucharist.

I think it was good and all are set to meditate on the events of Holy Week.

Painting by Danila Vassilieff.


Jane R said...

Ann, I love the "who ministered to Jesus along the way" question. Thank you. I'm going to meditate on that one as I ponder the passion this week.

Joanna Depue said...

Ann - great stuff that is at the core of our Baptismal vows. Jesus is everywhere - we simply have to look into someone elses eyes. Grateful for this insight.

Lindy said...

That is a great, great, great way to read the Bible together in a new way. Good on you Ann. I like that very much.

And, Rowan sends some tail wags and cuddles.

Ann said...

I have Rowan's pix on my fridge here at the beach too! Wish he could come to play in "my" ocean.