Friday, October 23, 2009

At a peace gathering - Sölle

Thanks to Acts of Hope

At a peace gathering

We’re not only ten thousand I said
there are more of us here
the dead of both wars
are with us

A journalist came and asked
how could I know that
haven’t you seen them
i ask the clueless guy
haven’t you heard your grandmother
groaning when they started it up again
do you live all alone
without any dead who drop in
for a drink with you
do you really think
you are only yourself

Dorothee Sölle, The Mystery of Death


Lindy said...

I read this at Jane's and almost cross posted it myself.

Saint Pat said...

Amen. I always think of who I never got to meet because of war, a loss that can't really be expressed. I look at the Wall and wonder, who might have been part of my life?