Monday, December 13, 2010

Cats and Christmas trees

My thoughts on Christmas past are here

A video from Simon's Cat and some thoughts about this year below:

This year is joyous and difficult. I have been re-united with a church where I was kicked out 12 or so year ago. Will preside at the Christmas eve service. I have been doing 8 a.m. services on Sunday and this past Sunday I preached at the later service. It was a place I had not served for all these years. Things have happened to begin what I hope is a healing time for the church. It is the church where all our kids were baptized and who supported me for ordination and where I was ordained Epiphany 1996. As in my sermon for Advent 3 - one never knows the ending of any of these events. (nor probably the beginning).

On the other end of the scale my older brother died this year. It is odd to think about that empty space at the family table. We did not see each other often but we talked on the phone to catch up on family events. I can go for weeks and not think about him as when he was alive but then the loss sneaks up and pounces on me. This year our church is offering a Blue Christmas service - I will be there to light a candle and sit with my grief for an hour or so. Then I will enter into the festivities probably with a little reserved part of my heart.


kitty said...

May your heart be healed just as your relationship with your church is being healed.

JCF said...

Yes, wot kitty said.