Monday, May 23, 2011

5 Easter

Readings are here.

Notes towards a sermon. I have gone back to my previous practice of notes instead of text since I rarely preach the totality of what I write. This week thought about Way, Truth, Life in light of living in a pluralistic society. As we follow Jesus (what he asks us to do) he shows us the Way, he embodies Truth and wherever he goes he spreads Life. As a holy people, a royal priesthood we are called to the same, putting away the stones used to kill the body and soul and return to love.

Being grounded and steady in our faith we can encounter other faiths and non-faiths with an open heart and mind, not apologizing for the differences but celebrating them. When I was at school we had many traditions and tried to have common worship each week. When we tried to meld it all together and use the least controversial bits of our traditions - it was bland and boring. When we offered the fullness of our worship and each participated as invited or able to participate -- it was rich and satisfying.

And as this was the week of the predicted Rapture - a thought from Facebook:
The world is not ending today, it is just being rebooted. Please be sure your security software is up to date. Run a full scan of your life and remove any malicious files which may be damaging your joy, stealing your hope, or slowing down your blessings. If you need more instructions, please refer to the user's manual, or put your hands together, bow your head and contact technical support.

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