Saturday, December 15, 2012

What shall we do with the Christmas presents?

We stare and stare through the tears
at the presents hidden away for children
who will never open their gifts again

Only silence responds
the terrible silence

There are no words
to ease the pain
that will burn
every time
we set the table
for 5 where only 4 will sit

How will we live now?
Will our center hold?
Or shall we all fly off
into our own corners
of unanswerable grief?


Linda Ryan said...

Very poignant. Even after a week and a bit, the wound to the parents, families, teachers and friends is still raw, as it is to those who didn't know the victims but who recognize the innocence snuffed out so cruelly.
Thank you.

Kittredge Cherry said...

This poem and the questions posed remind me of the “poem of the month” at Writers At Work, a respected literary website and creative writing center in Los Angeles. It also asks a series of questions starting with the title, “What If the Sea Told Us?” I love this poem -- and not just because the poet happens to be my life partner Audrey:

Ann said...

Thanks Kittredge - lovely.