Tuesday, August 21, 2007

Bent over woman

Sunday readings are here.

I am not preaching Sunday. Am flying to Phoenix to lead an EfM training, but I find this healing particularly poignant. A woman who is so bent down by her burdens - spiritual or physical or emotional - she cannot look up. She cannot look at the stars or the blue skies. She cannot connect with others by looking into their faces. She stares down like a wallflower at the dance. Jesus touches her and immediately she straightens up. He proclaims her a "daughter of Abraham" - includes her "in" when others want her left out. They worry that it was not done in the correct way - the rule about healing on the Sabbath is more important that this beloved daughter of God.
This is the way of Jesus - people are more important. God will not be contained by our rules.


Grandmère Mimi said...

Ann, even if you did not preach, this is like a mini-sermon, a lovely reflection. Jesus is bound only by his own rule of love.

Linda McMillan said...

Yes...This is pretty much where I get my sermons whether you are "preaching" or not.

I like this story a lot too and I think it's because, like everybody probably, I can identify with feeling so bent down with burdens that I can't stand upright. It tells me that Jesus heals everything that's ill not just the things people can see. I think she's the patron of depression, intolerable sadness, impossible obligations. She can't even ask for help, Jesus calls out to her... There's a lot of hope here.

Have a good trip, Ann.


fs said...

"God will not be contained by our rules."

I love that. Thank you.