Friday, November 23, 2007

Friday Five

Every week revgalblogpals blog carries Friday Five - 5 questions to answer on your blog and link back to them. This week intrigued me enough to answer.
Post Thanksgiving Day Friday Five asks:

1. Did you go elsewhere for the day, or did you have visitors at your place instead? How was it?

2. Main course: If it was the turkey, the whole turkey, and nothing but the turkey, was it prepared in an unusual way? Or did you throw tradition to the winds and do something different?

3. Other than the meal, do you have any Thanksgiving customs that you observe every year?

4. The day after Thanksgiving is considered a major Christmas shopping day by most US retailers. Do you go out bargain hunting and shop ‘till you drop, or do you stay indoors with the blinds closed? Or something in between?

5. Let the HOLIDAY SEASON commence! When will your Christmas decorations go up?

I answer:
1. We were on the road all day traveling from Wyoming to the Oregon Coast.

2. I had a T-day dinner of a bowl of Wheaties. Good part - no post stuffing hangover. I would not have cooked in any case as it was my birthday and I never cook when my birthday falls on T-day. When I do cook Thanksgiving dinner - I do the turkey and the gravy and have everyone else bring something. I like yams (not too much with marshmallows though) and mashed potatoes and jellied cranberry sauce with my dinner - whatever else shows up is super.

3. Napping in a tryptophan and carbo haze.

4. Might go out to enjoy the crowds - probably won't indulge in any fights with other shoppers over items.

5. Holiday Season --- arrgghhh!!! Now is the time for going inward into my own private dark time (in a good way) of Advent. We cut our tree the weekend before Christmas and it stays up to January 6. I like to read Jan Richardson's Night Visions: searching the shadows of advent and christmas each day to keep me centered.


Kirstin said...

Happy Birthday!

I love the book you mentioned. :)

Sally said...

excellent antoher observer of advent- there are a few of us around. Well played.

more cows than people said...

Happy Birthday!!!

Sounds like a good book. May have to check it out.

Ann said...

I see Amazon has it but very pricey. Another place to buy it used (it is out of print) is Powells. It is my favorite - hope it comes back into print.

Wyldth1ng said...

Happy Birthday!

WHeaties is a good subsitute.

PseudoPiskie said...

Jellied cranberry sauce? My nephew only wants the kind with the rings. It took us awhile to figure out they were the rings from the can.

Happy Birthday!

(Loved the socks. That needs to be made more public.)

Jean said...

I loved that you spent most of the day traveling to the Oregon coast. This is the first year since I don't know when that we didn't spend the afternoon driving to Helena (Montana).

Mary Caulfield said...

Happy birthday!