Tuesday, November 06, 2007

Workout Personality

Prevention Magazine quiz to determine what exercise program will work for your personality.

Here's mine:
Your Personality Type: SPONTANEOUS
Life is a game, and your strategy is always changing. While you aren't much for rules, you'll follow them if they're simple and help you have fun.

Your Exercise Rx:
Short but sweet activities that allow you to accumulate exercise time throughout the day may be a good choice, says Ross Andersen, PhD, director of exercise science at Johns Hopkins' weight management center. Spontaneous types also tend to do well with games.

Best Choices

Short walks throughout the day
Taking the stairs
Bike rides

Leisure Activities
Your first priority is to work regular exercise into your week. But also think about using your leisure time to burn off a few extra calories. Here are some extracurricular activities for your personality type:


playing in a softball or volleyball league

Different personalities don't just take to different activities; they have to contend with different obstacles too. Here's what you might find in your path, as well as ways to get around it:

Your biggest enemy is an idle mind. Even short workouts can turn torturous if there's nothing to occupy your brain.

Solution: Watch TV or listen to music while exercising, or grab a workout partner to talk with.


Linda McMillan said...

Me too.

Mary Caulfield said...

Me too. (Could this be why I own two bikes?)

Linda McMillan said...

I think the only reason I got this score is because blogging has not yet been recognized as the demanding and truly athletic sport that it is.

Grandmère Mimi said...

Ann, I tried, but I did not finish, so no score.

blogging has not yet been recognized as the demanding and truly athletic sport that it is.

Lindy, yes!

Linda McMillan said...

Clearly, quiz taking, is not Grandmere Mimi's sport.

Something about you not finishing the quiz made me laugh, Grandmere Mimi.


Diane said...

I'm spontaneous too.
oh oh.

they said skiing would be good for me.

not true.

skiing is too dangerous.

and you have to buy skis.

I like swimming.