Sunday, April 13, 2008

IV Easter

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Not preaching but just thinking about the lessons this Sunday.

"Whoever enters by me will be saved, and will come in and go out and find pasture."

This is the phrase that catches my attention today--- salvation (i.e., health, wholeness, right relationship with God - as I think about it) comes when we know we know we are free to come and go and are fed by the Holy One. Speaks to me of free will, relationships of mutuality.

Jesus proclaims that he is the gate of the sheepfold. In his day shepherds built pens out of briers and brush to keep the sheep safe at night. They would sleep across the entryway so they would know if sheep were trying to get out or predators were trying to get in.

In the image he gives us in John - he tells of God who wants us to be safe but who allows freedom to come and go. It speaks of a true relationship - caring but giving each of us space to grow into the fullness of our creation.

Last week the Golden Gate bridge in San Francisco was in the news. The Golden Gate is a very symbolic bridge - speaking of the expansive invitation of the Wild West and the promise of riches in the wilderness. The riches are not found, however, in material goods - like gold, but in the wildness and in the relationships. This past week protesters used the bridge as a backdrop to send a message about Tibet and the hope of freedom in that country.

Bridges and gates -- what do they say to you?

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