Saturday, April 12, 2008

Seven scintillating things about me?

Lindy tagged me for this meme. Hmmm... thanks I think...

1. I do news on Tuesdays for Episcopal Cafe
2. and write a monthly essay for ECafe, too.
3. I co-mentor 2 EFM online groups - a new way to take EFM without a nearby group.
4. My husband and I have 5 grandchildren - whoa!
5. I drive 2 hours to do church and then 2 hours back home stopping in Eden to do another service.
6. My psychic home is the Oregon coast - some of my being lives there no matter where I am.
7. Our daughter and I are going to the UK this summer to visit my maternal grandmother's hometown.

Not sure how scintillating these are - but at least there are 7 things.


deirdregood said...

Hope you and your daughter have a fabulous trip to the UK this summer and find out all that you want to about your family places of origin. I went with my parents to Ireland a year or so ago and it was marvelous--we saw where each of them had spent part of their childhoods and Dublin where they both studied. Its magic!

Lindy said...

Well, maybe it should be "Seven Interesting Things." Well done, Ann.
I think I'll have to check in on Episcopal Cafe more often.