Thursday, April 03, 2008

Walking to Emmaus

Sunday's gospel is another of my favorites. You might wonder if there are any stories in the Bible that are not my favorites - there are but that is another day's post. Sunday's readings are here.

I love this picture accompanying this blog for its bright colors and the depiction of the characters. The man - downcast and absorbed in his grief in his silence, the woman - dressed in red - eagerly engaging the stranger in conversation - processing her grief by talking about it. Jesus moving ahead of them - they can't really see the nail wounds in his hands and feet. The path ending with them stepping out into the white space - a new world that they have yet to recognize. This is the moment just before the offering hospitality in their home and the revealing of the resurrected Christ in the breaking of bread.

There are so many moments in this short story. It raises questions about how we might encounter the Risen Christ: on the road, in the midst of grief, meeting a stranger, sharing stories, opening our hearts to the unexpected, sharing a meal.

What do you think?

See more of this artist: Gisele Bauche.


"Ms. Cornelius" said...

The unknown disciples start out thinking the stranger walking with them is completely clueless, but they are the ones who do not know. They invite him in to supper, but he blesses the bread. I love the juxtapositions in this one.

Lindy said...

The white space in the picture gives me something to think about... we really do have to be not of this world in order to see Christ and that requires us to leave the world that we've come to know and be comfortable in. The artist doesn't presume to tell us what's in the white space and we can't know until we go there.

Thanks Ann!

Lindy said...

Hi Ann, I tagged you for seven scintillating things about yourself over at my place my place. I hope you can play.