Sunday, December 21, 2008

Advent IV more

As usual the sermon went its own way. God cannot be contained. God tells David I cannot be contained in a house - no matter how beautiful. I am the God of the tents - I live with the people - I am wherever they gather. I will surprise you with my appearance. I can go wherever I wish - be born from a virgin's womb, born a helpless infant and not a mighty warrior, show up where you least expect me. Trevor Huddleston, a white priest in South Africa tipped his hat to a black mother. Desmond Tutu saw his mother being treated as an equal and it changed his whole understanding of his place in the world. Willie Misner, was accepted into art school but then rejected when they discovered she was a woman. She continued her art and gave her gift to others - as we see in the creche in this very church. Many of the figures were made by the children with her help - but this one young girl reflect the joy of a young woman in her acceptance of the gift of Christ born in our midst. Willie took her gift and shared her gift that others might discover their gifts. Trevor Huddleston, in a small gesture of respect - gave a gift from his understanding of the gift of God in Christ. (see previous post)

Today I read about a musical group, Lost and Found Orchestra Bishop Alan Wilson writes about it:
No conventional instruments are involved. An orchestra of 50 (plus choir of 40) produce a riot of co-ordinated, elaboate, messy joy. The instruments are made from a variety of items off a skip (US - Dumpster), including parking cones, saws, crutches, shopping trolleys, rubber hosing and IV Drip stands. There’s dance involved, and presentation is as important as the sound. It’s a whole composite deal, where everyone is someone. It alll sounds a bit like Adiemus, but crazier. To get the best of it, you do have to be there — no mere film can do it justice.

I think we learned something last night —
It’s amazing what you can find in the things people trash — there is music hidden away in everything, waiting for people with the imagination and commitment to release it together.

Anthony de Mello tells us:
Finally I recall the song the angels sang
when Christ was born.
They sang of the peace and joy
that give God glory.
Have I ever heard the song the angels sang when I was born ? ...
I see with joy what has been done through me
to make the world a better place...
and I join those angels
in the song they sang
to celebrate my birth.

Can you hear the song the angels sang at your birth?


FranIAm said...

The song the angels sang at my birth?

Just the thought of that makes me weep and weep. Not in a bad way, just weeping as I do when the inbreaking shatters the shell around my heart.

Lindy said...

Well, I'm too reticent to actually say it, but, what Fran said.