Sunday, December 10, 2006

Ready or not here I come. In the long evenings of summer in the Irvington neighborhood of Portland (see Beverly Cleary books for stories of our time and place), the kids on our block would play hide and seek. As you know the person who is IT counts to 20 or 30 or some number - long enough for others to hide. Most of our backyards were linked by paths known to all of us so there were plenty of hiding places in the bushes and behind the buildings. If you were found you joined IT to find the others.
Last night after writing my previous blog and reading Dylan's Lectionary Blog on Advent 2, I awoke thinking about the line "Prepare ye the way of the Lord" -- and thought - "Ready or not here I come!" That's it - that's what he is saying - God is coming and it does not matter where you are hiding - in the depth of addiction, in meanness of spirit, in self doubt, in disbelief - God is IT - in Jesus, seeking us out wherever we may be.
The freedom of not hiding anymore, not crouched down, curled up - but free to stand with God who stands with us.

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